Little finger injury

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Descripción del caso

  • Case Name: Little finger injury.
  • Author’s Name: Dr Maulik S. Patel
  • Author’s workplace: Private Clinic, Surat ( City ), India.
  • Clinical Signs: M / 42 yrs. Little finger injury while catching cricket ball – 4 wks.
    • Transition dislocation of proximal interphalangeal joint.
    • Buddy strapping for 4 wks. Now presents with Boutonniere deformity.
  • Diagnosis: Avulsion of central slip of 5th finger extensor tendon.

Ultrasound: There is avulsed central slip from base of middle phalanx.

Tiny bone flakes ( 1 mm ) are present at tip of avulsed tendon slip.

Retraction of tendon edge from phalanx base is 4 mm.

Central slip is intact at distal phalanx attachment site.

Radiograph ( cropped magnified Image ) : Tiny bone flake in soft tissue swelling on dorsal aspect of proximal interphalangeal joint of 5th finger.

Dr Maulik S. Patel

República de La India
República de La India

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Lesión en dedos de la mano