Dr. ‍‍Nidhi Bhatnagar nee Shrivastava

Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar

Dr. ‍‍Nidhi Bhatnagar nee Shrivastava

E-7, East of Kailash, New Delhi-110065 | 9810884378 | nidhibhatnagar63@gmail.com


A  Radiologist in private practice now for almost twenty years , I am Heading the Department of Radiology of a Central Delhi  Multi-specialty Sanjeevan Hospital. I am also attached to Max Hospital, Panchsheel,  as Specialist Consultant, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound  .We are extending  Conventional Radiology, Colour Doppler USG with Peripheral studies, Whole body CT scan and  Mammography here.

The objective  I have followed through the years  has been  to keep striving to broaden my horizon whilst sharing my professional experience, and also meet newer challenges, whichever Organization I’d  be in. I believe in keeping my practice  board based to  give me enough opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills to achieve organizational goals .


  • B.B.S | 1984 | G.R.M.C.- Gwalior (M.P.)
  • D. Radio-diagnosis | 1993 | G.R.M.C.- Gwalior (M.P.)
  • Diploma in musculoskeletal ultrasound from UCAM, University of Murcia, Spain 2015.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management| May,2011|Medvarsity, Apollo Hospitals(PGDHM)

Personal details

 Date Of Birth                         :          20 Feb’1962

Nationality                              :            Indian

Marital Status                          :          Married.

Atul is a Fellow of Royal college of Surgeons, Edinburgh with a Post graduate degree  in General Surgery from M.A.M.C., New Delhi. Having spent 5 yrs in Britain we decided to return to India and he specialized further in Urology , now  practicing at one of the leading city hospitals, Parmanand Hospital. We have two daughters aged 22ys and 14 yrs. Saumya is at University pursuing B.Tech in Computer Sciences and Shaurya is IX Grade student at D.P.S., R.K.Puram.

Technical Skills

Conventional Radiology- Digital -The centre is conducting all conventional and special, and  radiological investigations.

ULTRASOUND: Equipped with the latest USG unit Philips HD 11 and Clear view 550, I am routinely performing all abdominal USG’s with 3-D application where needed.

Obstetrics level II USG is a rule rather than exception. Fetal echoes and Obstetrics colour Doppler studies are thus routinely performed.

Evaluation of female factor in infertile couples by way of follicular tracking and pelvic Color flow studies for endometrial and corpus luteal assessment is my area of domain. Endo-vaginal study is a routine procedure for evaluation of all lady patients. Hysterosalpingo- sonography is gaining popularity as well in infertility patients

In the male factor Scrotal / testicular color flow studies are routinely performed for better evaluation.

Musculoskeletal USG is gaining popularity fast at my centre amongst the Orthopedic Consultants. Being something of a pioneer in this field specially in the areas of knee and hip evaluations, my presentations at National level conferences on evidence based studies.

Routine small parts USG with color flow studies: HFUS for scrotum/testes, thyroid assessment, eye USG. I am routinely referred patients from eye centers for evaluation of the posterior chambers and other pathologies where CT scans are in conclusive.

Lately, I am working on improving the evaluation of the mild to moderate paralysis / small mass lesions of the vocal cords by USG and am in the process of publishing a paper on it.

All Pediatric USG’s including transfontnelle studies, SUS (spinal ultrasound), abdomen and cardiac evaluation, Developmental dysplasia of hip joint. MSK pediatrics is  MY FORTE.

Interventional USG– Routinely performing all USG guided procedures including Ascetic and pleural taps, FNAC’s, renal and liver biopsies. Per-cutaneous renal puncture for PCNL, USG guided D&C’s.

Peripheral Colour Doppler studies: All arterial and venous Color doppler studies in upper and lower limbs, Carotid studies, trans-cranial studies ,Reno-vascular studies, Hepatic and portal venous studies are routinely performed.

TRUS (Trans-rectal US )  is  another specialized study which I routinely perform assisting in TRUS guided prostatic biopsies.

CT : Head  , whole body CT with CT guided procedures

Current Attachments

Max Hospital / Medicare, Panchsheel, New Delhi

Sanjeevan Hospital, Ansari Road, New Delhi.

Teaching AND Learning experience

Involved in teaching Radio-diagnosis  to under-graduate Medical students from Russia preparing for qualifying exam set by MCI to practice in India –at Sanjeevan Academy  for 1 year,

Co-guide to Post graduate students :

  1. Post graduation in orthopedics …dissertation topic on Tennis elbow and ultrasound evaluation post PRP. –paper to be submitted (2011-2013)
  2. Post graduation in Radio-diagnosis ( Diplomat National board of examinations ) Dissertation topic …Ultrasound knee joint (2012-2014)

Faculty- Guest speaker at Delhi orthopedic association conference, Dec. 2011, on “Case presentations- Role of USG in diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis”

Faculty – “ Prognostic significance of foetal MCA study” at Kanpur , U.P.,State Chapter 2010.

Guest speaker at U.P. State chapter Radiology conference at Kanpur, 2009 on ‘Foetal echo’ and ‘Role of USG in alloimmunized pregnancy’.

Faculty – Guest speaker at IFUMB, New Delhi- Paper on “Sonographic evaluation of Occult fractures”- Won the Second prize. 2012

Same paper submitted at Conference on MSK, Spain , Jan. 2012, was accepted.

Faculty -Guest Speaker at IFUMB ,Indore- on ‘ Sonographic evaluation of Tennis Elbow” 2011

Faculty – Guest Speaker at Annual conference IRIA (Indian Radiology Conference ) at Hyderabad, Jan 2012- on “ Role of USG in MSK pathologies in Pediatric Age group”.

Workshop on Caudal and S.I. Joint steroid block at Indo-UK Pain management Symposium at Agra July 2012 at Pain conference.

Invited Guest Speaker Faculty at All India Institute of Medical Sciences , New Delhi conference on Pain relief and peripheral blocks- Speaking on “ USG guided Caudal and S.I. joint blocks “  held on 25 Aug 2012. And conducting a workshop

Invited as Expert Panelist as Radiologist to Workshop organized by Central Delhi Appropriate Authority on PC-PNDT act and addressed on Action plan to fight female foeticide – March 2012

Invited as Expert Panelist Radiologist by Appropriate Authority East Delhi on work shop organized by ‘Kriti Foundation” NGO working for women’s rights with particular reference to gender determination and subsequent foeticide.- April 2012.

Invited Faculty Guest speaker at Delhi Orthopedic Association conference on 5th Aug 2012 “Pediatric emergencies and routine pathologies MSK USG evaluation”

Conducted live workshop.

Invited Guest speaker IMA, North on Save girl child- ‘Introduction to PC-PNDT act’.28th July 2012

Faculty- Guest speaker at Delhi orthopedic conference Sept. 2011 on “ Role of USG in MSK pathologies “

Invited Guest Speaker at HIPA, Haryana. Apex body for the training and sensitization programme  for beaurocrats on ‘ Health and female foeticide’ on 19 Sept 2012

Invitation Faculty for Pediatric  conference at PGI, Chandigarh, ISPR, 29 Sept. 2012 . MSK and pediatrics 29th sept. 2012

Elected member to the Committee of State Appropriate Authority for Inspection and Monitoring (SMIC) against  malpractice by Radiologists / sonologists in gender determination.

Joint Secretary, Delhi state Chapter,  Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA)

Guest Faculty Speaker and ‘hands on work shop’ at Barcelona , Spain, 31st May 2013 Pain Conference on Caudal epidural and S.I.Joint blocks at European Society of Anesthesiology .

Invited Guest Faculty Speaker  at IInd Indo UK conference on Pain Management at Max Hospital 9-11th Aug 2013

Guest Faculty speaker at Delhi orthopedic Association 4 th Aug 2013 on “MSK USG – Mini MRI?”

e- Poster presentation at MUSoc, Annual conference at Abu Dhabi, 11-16 Nov 2013 on “ Sonographic evaluation of callus in fracture healing- early prediction at 3-4 weeks “.Received Appreciation Award.

Invited Guest faculty speaker at Annual Conference European Society of Skeletal Radiology (ESSR) Riga, Latvia, 28 June 2014…for platform presentation on Radiologists perspective on Ultrasound guided Caudal epidural and S.I. Joint blocks.

Faculty , DOA 3rd Aug 2014, MRI and MSUS…

Invited Guest Faculty Speaker at ESA, Indo UK Pain Management conference at Jaipur, 17 Aug. 2014.

Guest Faculty at MSK Imaging conference, Amritsar Medical College on Pediatric Ultrasound and work shop on knee joint 19-21 st September..


  1. Life member IRIA (Indian Radiological and Imaging Association) D-92 A
  2. Life member IFUMB (Indian Federation of  Ultrasound )
  3. Member Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. (Gapio- 000558 /18/7/12)
  4. AIUM International e-member.
  5. Associate member ‘WIP- world Institute of Pain” Ref.4678890869
  6. Executive member , Delhi State Chapter, IRIA
  1. Member SIMC, Delhi State PC-PNDT
  2. Life Member Indian Society for vascular and intervention Radiology (ISVIR)-LM-398
  3.  Life member Indian Society of Pediatric Radiology
  4. Life member of Indian College of Radiology and Imaging (ICRI)-R4/ B-2A
  5. Associate member Indian orthopedic Association (IOA)
  6. Member DMA and IMA
  7. MCI registration no. 6026, dated 14 Sept 2010
  8. Member ESSR (European Society for Skeletal Radiology)

Organizational skills

I remained coordinator for CME’S at Sanjeevan Hospital and actively participated in teaching of nursing and resident staff.

Manpower recruitment of trained technical staff, trainee staff and Junior Consultants for the entire Radiology department

Co-coordinating the functioning of the department which is giving all routine OPD /IPD and 24 hours emergency services .

Management of Radiation related formalities with Bhabha Atomic R. Auth.

Organizing Secretary for MUSoc 2015, an exclusive International MSK Ultrasound conference from 8-11th Oct 2015 at Vivanta by Taj, New delhi.

Co-curricular activities

I remained a Consultant to Times group (Bennet and Colemen ) on issues relating to the Medical business ventures.

Was one of the Finalists at the ‘Lead India Campaign’ from New Delhi, organized by the Times Group.

Contributions / regular write ups to the “Samvada”, Magazine involving current/civic issues in NOIDA

Iti Foundation:-Founder member of  an NGO dealing with women issues and in particular Female Foeticide in South east Asia.

Associated with “PRAYAS”, boys’ delinquent home in New Delhi.

Member SIMC ( State Inspection and Monitoring Committee) for Delhi State PC-PNDT

Keenly interested in all Sports, Music and Debates.

Enjoy elocution and have conducted various felicitation and Awards ceremonies on behalf of National and International organizations.

Additional information

Looking at the globalization today, I have a vision to establish tele-radiology concept with linking to the peripheral /smaller cities as well as to the reputed hospitals abroad.

This vision is getting partly fulfilled as I am already in the process of establishing a bilateral working module with a company in Sweden in the field of Mammography.

I am also associated with a company actively involved in the field of Medical tourism dealing with orthopedic patients and patients seeking treatment in field of plastic surgery from UK, US and Canada.

Currently my company is in discussion with countries of Africa regarding sending of  Insured patients for treatment to India.

Keeping pace with the academic activities has always been my passion and I wish to establish a dedicated Institute / academy to refine the skills of Ultrasonologists’ keen on learning Musculo-skeletal USG . Have already Registered Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society (MUS) , www.musdelhi.com , as a Founder member and my vision….

MUA ( Musculoskeletal ultrasound Academy )-“The recognition of MSK USG as a valuable clinical tool is neither automatic nor guaranteed. It is earned by maintaining quality control with positive results in clinical diagnosis, a goal that is obtainable only when high educational standards are met in the production of MSK sonographers and sonologists.

There is a significant difference between education and training. Education involves the process of developing knowledge as well as skills through formal schooling. Training involves subjecting a candidate to certain exercises and instructions in order to develop proficiency at a specific task. The serious nature of MSK sonography requires individuals who wish to become MSK sonographers to be exposed to both disciplines if they are to assume the responsibilities required of them in a quality MSK ultrasound setting.

Created a web-based software with a patent in my name for the purpose of filling F-forms on –line,  data audit, saving the information and for the purpose of data mining.

Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar