Anterior knee swelling

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Descripción del caso

  • Case Name: Anterior knee swelling .
  • Author’s name: Dr. Maulik S. Patel
  • Author’s workstation : Private Clinic, Surat ( City ), India.
  • Clinical Signs: Male / 45 yrs. Carpenter by profession. Anterior knee swelling – 4  – 5 days.  No pain. No acute trauma.
  • Diagnosis: Superficial Infra-patellar Bursitis
  • Comment: Knee Ultrasound. There is fluid collection anterior to distal half of patellar tendon and anterior to tibial tuberosity. There is local hypervascularity. Patellar tendon is normal.There is no fluid in deep infra-patellar bursa.

Dr Maulik S. Patel

República de La India
República de La India

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